Let's Talk About Your Vocal Goals and Work Together to Meet Them!

  • Online and in-person lessons (vaccination preferred) 
  • Weekly, biweekly, drop-ins
  • 30, 45, or 60 minute sessions  
  • Daytime and evening lessons  

Interested students may complete the information below. A consultation will be scheduled to sing, discuss student goals and review studio philosophy and methodologies, after which point a regular lesson slot or a place on the waiting list may be offered. Lesson fees are assessed monthly or may be paid at each lesson.


Guiding and partnering with people to understand and celebrate their voices is a unique privilege and daily inspiration. I believe in the innate worth of each voice, and my teaching is student-centered and tailored to each individual’s gifts, needs, and aspirations. Kindness, affirmation, open communication, self-expression, and wellness for the artist are modeled and fostered. 

The human voice unites mind, body, and spirit, and the instrument is capable of limitless expression. Voice science, cognitive science, music history and theory, historic performance practice, contemporary music trends and techniques, cultural resources, theatrical training, interpretation, and movement/gesture combine in a rigorous environment where students are invited and challenged to trust their voices and express themselves with intention and assurance. The joy and process of learning is revered, and students are expected to engage in practicing and exploration, committing time and energy to their work. Students are encouraged to question, voice disagreement, and discuss their ideas freely. In each lesson, we aim to discover places of curiosity and connection to fuel and direct experiential learning. 

Students explore their instrument and artistry inside and out and work to articulate, clarify, expand, and pursue their unique artistic vision. Vocal freedom, resonance, coordination and efficiency are guiding principles, and students learn tools and methods for evaluating and troubleshooting their own singing in styles and genres of their choosing. Students establish habits for maintaining voice health and fitness. Time management and organization are fostered as students hone their ability to choose, prepare, and perform repertoire. We consider demands of the contemporary music marketplace, academia, additional skill and training needs, and strategies for networking and collaborating to establish a practical foundation for vocational and avocational singers and voice practitioners.



I affirm the value and unique heritage and circumstance of every person, myself included, while acknowledging that we all have limitations and implicit biases. I encourage students to consider their own gifts, needs, preferences, and aspirations as they decide which learning environment is most welcoming and best suited, which may or may not be my studio. I promote democratic principles in the voice studio, working to foster student agency and motivation. I seek to understand and honor student resistance, needs, and preferences. Whatever a student shares in confidence is held in confidence. Repertoire selection and style/genre fluency are points of cooperation and growth for me and my students.  I use language that promotes assimilation of past instruction and experience with new learning and growth. 

I am always willing to learn and set aside what I think I know to consider new ideas from students, other teachers, peers, friends, and colleagues. To that end, I cultivate professional and personal relationships that are diverse in age, race, nationality, gender, religion/faith, academic discipline, learning needs, socio-economic level, and life experience. I model listening, reflecting, and then responding, and I commit to measuring my response before reacting to any situation.  I invite people to share their stories and experiences, and I model attentive listening and recall to establish relationships and seek out the voices being ignored by the group.

My insights are based in personal and professional experiences from a 25-year career that includes voice performance, voice pedagogy, choral conducting, domestic and international journalism, marketing and graphic design, continuing education, recruitment and contracting, cultural immersion, church music ministry, stage direction and production, volunteerism, mentoring, hospitality and event planning, and professional organization membership.