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Voice Creation for Transformation

Giving Voice is about creating sound, language and song from internal thought and feeling. Regular practices of self-expression empower people to know and use their voices with intention and autonomy. The Giving Voice Project illuminates the transformational power of creating with the voice and envisions a world where each voice will sing its own song and be heard within the collective.

Polly Baldridge, Director

Online and in person:

  • Songs and stories to uplift and inspire
  • Group singing and choral direction
  • In-person singing at special and sensitive times
  • Workshops and group  
  • Research and education
  • Resources and encouragement for singing your song

Peace to you today, friend! Sing on!

More information coming soon! 

2021 Advent blog series planned

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Come Unto Him, All Ye That Labor

Come Unto Him, that are heavy laden,

And he will give you rest.


Take his yoke upon you,

And learn of him;

For he is meek and lowly of heart,

And ye shall find rest unto your souls.


Matthew 11:28-29


This piece from Handel’s Messiah has always been a source of comfort to me and a way to respond to life’s challenges. I hear in the lilting, plaintive melody that Handel in 1741 England knew something about the human need for comfort and rest.


I love this idea from Lynn Helding’s The Musicians Mind:

“An important sleep study in 2013 revealed that sleep may be critical for what amounts to brain cleaning…it evolved its own metabolic system…which operates during sleep to flush away waste products accumulated during wakefulness. This waste is not benign but actually toxic to brain cells.”


So, stick with me here.


What if unrelenting labor (though work is a sacred task) is accumulating toxins that make us sick?

What if Jesus understands the way our minds and bodies are wired?

What if Jesus knows that anxiety and worry impact our quality of rest?

What if God’s intention is not to purify us with external restrictions but to guide us toward safe spaces to rest so our minds and bodies can detoxify themselves?

What if?


Your solo brought back lovely memories for the entire family to cherish at our time of grieving. You are so talented and your voice is an absolute gift. Thank you for bringing comfort to our family during our time of grief.
Arlene Croft, on behalf of the family of Martin A. Car
Polly sang with great feeling and really moved her audience. She's very gracious and has access to numerous classics and spiritual songs for most any occasion. 
Melanie Hardin

Based in Damascus, Maryland